Cumberland, Wisconsin
Roster of Members
Listed with the names you will find phone numbers and email addresses of the members, which can be used by other members to contact them. If you have a preferred phone number or email address to use or wish to not have your phone number or email address visible on the internet, please let us know and we will change it.

New members and visitors are welcome at any time, please contact us for information. The current members of Crew 24 are:

Ben Ranallo, Vice President: He is currently a sophomore at UW-Superior. he has experience as a counselor. He is an avid outdoorsman. Phone: 790-9363 Email: benji2323@hotmail.com

Louis K. Muench, President: He is currently a junior at uw river falls. He is employed at Louie's Finer Meats and enjoys a variety of outdoor experiences. Phone: 671-8721 Email: louken83@yahoo.com

Tom Koehler: He is currently a sophomore at UW-Stout in Menominee. He enjoys the companionship and outdoor experiences in the crew.
Phone: 822-8176 (home)Email: tommyk1984@msn.com

Steven Koehler: He is Tom's younger brother. He is currently a junior at Cumberland High School and has been a very active member. Phone: 822-8176
Email: kool_koehler@hotmail.com

Jason Froehlich: Jason is a Cumberland High School graduate and likes the outdoor experiences that the crew offers. Phone: 205-9568

Dane Haverly: He is a member of crew 24 and is taking a break from school at this time. Phone: 822-5099 Email: dane_h84@hotmail.com

Justin O'Keefe: He is currently a senior at Cumberland High School. In the Boy Scout troop he is active as the Senior Patrol leader and new eagle scout. He is active in scouts, band, and golf. Phone: 822-5717 Email: justin_okeefe@hotmail.com

Eric Wiita: Eric is a senior at Cumberland High School and an avid outdoorsman. He looks forward to the experience the crew gives him. Phone: 822-4955
Email: ericwiita75@hotmail.com

Travis Muench: He is currently a junior at Cumberland High School. He enjoys spending time in Venturing with friends. He is a new eagle scout. Phone: 671-8489
Email: fisherman00_85@yahoo.com

Robb Held: Robb is a graduate form cumberland high school and a eagle scout. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinos but fequents the cumberland area and enjoys outdoor experences. He is an "unofficial" member. Phone: 708-574-5712
Email: rjheld3@yahoo.com

Jim Fulner: He is currently a sophomore at the University of Northern Michigan. He is a member of the Coast Guard Reserve which has controlled the last two summers for him. He is also a Burger King veteran.
Phone: 906-227-4211 (Michigan) or 822-8682 (Cumberland) Email: rfulner@nmu.edu

Cody Gramburg: He is a senior at Cumberland High School and especially enjoyed the recent Boundary Water's trip. Phone: 671-0005

DeDe Porter, Secretary: She is our crew's first female member. She especially enjoyed our winter camping trip. Phone: 790-6674 Email: supa_star3@hotmail.com

Kenton Olsvig: He is our newest member. He is a longtime scout of Troop 24 and is now joining the venture crew. He attends Turtle Lake high school. Phone: 357-6283

Eric Schoen: He is an "honorary" summer member. He resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lives in the Cumberland area in the summer. Phone: 215-917-7543 Email: dorky187@aol.com

Samantha Koehler: She decided to join our crew after hearing of all the excitement from her brothers, Tom and Steve. Phone: 822-8176
Email: samanthalee_187@hotmail.com

Chris Mann: He is our newest Venture Crew member but has long been an active member of Troop 24.

Bill Skinner, Advisor--- Phone: 491-5783 Email: williamrskinner@hotmail.com

Louis E. Muench, Committee Chairman----- Phone: 822-2006 (Home) or 822-4728 (Work)
Email: lem@chibardun.net

P.O. Box 971
Cumberland, WI 54829

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