Lessons Learned...
You will need three times as much epoxy as listed in the plans.
Use PoxyGrip for main parts
Use Poxy Seal for covering large areas.

When applying more than five ounces of epoxy, DO NOT keep in a small mixing container, it will setup too fast. Pour it into a paint tray, then apply the epoxy.

Chimes break, make sure you soak them in hot rags/water before bending.

Mahogany likes to warp when not used. Only buy/cut what you need for a few weeks at a time, if you let it sit around for months it will be warped.

If the boat porpoises on the test run and you have the engine all the way down. Try hydrofoil like a "Doel-Fin", this is probably easier to add than trim tabs.

If you are using a small merc outboard, measure the length of the engine's tilt-tube. My 1973 20 hp Merc had a 8 inch tilt-tube. Teleflex steering systems are designed to use a larger 11 inch tilt-tube. You need the 11 inch or the steering system can get stuck.

I replaced the original tilt-tube with an 11 inch tube, then cut about a 2.5 inch section of brass bushing to use as a spacer. This fixed the problem of the teleflex push arm coming too far out the tilt tube.

Because of how the steering arm happened to be attached to my particular 20 hp motor, I was having a problem of the steering arm hitting part of the engine when I turned the engine to the right.

Luckily I happened to have an extender that attached to the 11 inch tilt tube. This brought the whole teleflex system a few inches forward and resolved the problem.

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